Friday, October 30, 2015

Three Influential People

Influential People

There are many people who have had a great impact on my life and on the lives of others. Whether they are well-known or not, I want to take the time to talk about just a few of those influential people.

My Father: My dad has been there for me literally my whole life. He taught me how to ride my bike, taught me about cars, taught me how to manage my money properly, and much more. He has always been active in my life and has really influenced me greatly. He is a mechanical engineer, and the main reason I want to follow a career in engineering. He has always taught me to be hands on with the situations I deal with and to think before I act. He was the first one who gave me a disassembled toy and told me to put it together by myself, leading me to develop a love of taking things apart to learn how each piece functions and then putting it back together again. My dad always wanted me to work hard at everything I did. He made sure that I got my work in on time and did things quickly and efficiently. he wanted my brothers and me to ensure him that we won't give up easily on a task just because things get difficult. He would always be very supportive of our decisions. Whatever it was we chose, I could count on my dad to support us one-hundred percent of the way. As I got older, my dad really wanted to put emphasis on being your own adult. He pushed my brothers and me to strive to do our very best and be all that we could be. He taught me how to drive a car, how to refuel a car, how to maintain a car, and how to perform minor repairs on a car. He gave me the tools to shape my own destiny and set me loose to make use of those tools to develop myself as a person.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: Gandhi is one of the most recognized names in the world. He is well known for fighting British oppression of Indians through non-violent resolutions. Gandhi was raised in a household that practiced Vaishnavism and Jainism, an Indian religion that practices nonviolence and views all living things as everlasting, and his staunch belief in ahimsa, the non-injury of all living things. Gandhi was very influential in part because he was willing to stand up against violent oppression using no violent action; something not often witnessed in history. He united many people of India to go against the poor and unfair treatment they were receiving and lead them, garnering Gandhi the title of Mahatma, or "Great Soul." Another aspect of Gandhi that makes him influential, perhaps most important of all, was his steadfast resistance to the use of violence as a means to achieve what he believed in. Gandhi was more spiritual than he was political. Gandhi was someone who had a religious mission, to reach enlightenment and follow a path of purity. Gandhi abstained from drugs, alcohol, intercourse, and violence. Gandhi, while he came from simple roots, grew to become one of the most influential and recognizable people in history. His stance and practice of non violent protests influenced many people throughout future history to take a stance against oppression using non violent means as well. Gandhi's use of peace rather than violence was recognized by many social leaders that would also lead civil and moral battles against their oppressors. Martin Luther King Jr. was influenced by Gandhi; utilizing Gandhi's methodology and approach to deal with segregation and inequality. In many ways, Gandhi's influence still lives on today. Gandhi's actions have proven that non-violence can be more influential than violent action and have a greater, longer-lasting effect on people and the circumstances they live with.

Nikola Tesla: While Nikola Tesla made many valuable contributions to the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering and developed ideas and technologies that are still being used today. Nikola Tesla is most known for designing the Alternating Current electricity supply system, a system more efficient than the Direct Current developed by Edison. The Alternating Current is used in contemporary history for many applications due to its efficiency at transmitting electricity in a grid. An iconic piece of technology that Tesla invented is the "Tesla coil," a device that is capable of creating striking electrical arcs, which is still used in radio technology to this very day. Tesla was very asocial, spending upwards of fifteen hours working every day and averaging only two hours of sleep each day. He would often develop new inventions, some of which have had great impact on technology in today's society. The work he did had evident influence of the development of the radio; work that helped to propel the technologies of the past even farther than what could have possibly been hoped for. His influence extended even further with contributions being attributed to the development of x-ray and radar technologies. He even discovered the rotating magnetic field, the premise for Alternating Current machinery used in modern time. The intentions of Nikola Tesla were to provide the entire world with easily accessible information and free electricity. However, the project lost funding and forced Tesla into bankruptcy. Not too long after, he died of coronary thrombosis. However, the ideas he concocted and inventions he made still influence the world today and the man who made these revolutionary technologies will continue to influence many young inventors for generations to come.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Bucket List

Death comes for all of us at some point in time; it's only natural. Whats isn't natural is to just wait for it to come and not experience anything before it does decide to come around. People often devise a "bucket list," a list of things they want to do before they, well, "kick the bucket." This blog is dedicated to the ten things I'd want to cross off my bucket list. Keep in mind that there is not a specific order to the items on this list; they're just things I'd most certainly want to do before I die.

  1. Skydiving: To me, I think skydiving would be a lot of fun. I don't think about it very often but I know that if I were going to die soon that I would want to jump out of a plane and parachute to the ground. It would be an exhilarating experience, one that can't always be done.

     2. Travel to Antarctica: I love to travel, but I want to travel to a place not traveled by many. Antarctica is the clear answer for me because it is virtually uninhabited. Antarctica seems like it would be an excellent place to observe in the Summer, however I would like to avoid going there in the Winter. Antarctica is one of the last few serene, untouched by humans places' on Earth, and to be able to visit it would be a dream come true.

    3. Travel from North America to Europe by boat: Before I die, I would like to travel from one continent to another solely by boat. I'm not talking about traveling by some luxurious cruise ship, either. Instead I want to travel by a small, cramped boat. I want to experience this uncomfortable ship travel so that I may gain a better appreciation for what little luxuries I do have. I would also like to gain a better understanding for the size and scale of the ocean.

  4. Travel to Africa: I would like to travel to Africa because I want to see to biodiversity present in this region. I want to see all of the different species of animals as well as plants that are present in Africa. I want to travel from North Africa to South Africa and see the expanse of this land. I would also like to see Mount Kilimanjaro.

   5. Live in and travel Austria for a year: I'm half Austrian and for me, as a child, travelling to Austria was better than going to Disney Land. I love the culture and the people there. But what I love most of all is the mountains of Austria. I want to live in Austria for a year so that I may travel the country and climb the numerous mountains that cover Austria.

   6. Learn to sail a boat: I want to learn how to sail a boat before I die. I want to be able to travel across bodies of water and be able to feel the freedom that comes with sailing open bodies of water. I want to learn all of the sailor's knots, too. I want to feel that I'm in control of where the boat goes and how it travels.

   7. Learn how to make pottery: I want to learn how to hand make and throw clay into different forms to make practical appliances such as bowls and cups. I also want to make art through a more hands on method than painting. I want to really let my creative side run free while I work with the clay. This seems like a very cool skill to have, and one that I would like to learn before I die.

  8. Travel in a submarine: This is something I think would be very cool. I want to travel in a submarine be cause I want to experience the feeling of being submerged under water in a tight-knit environment. I also want to know what it's like to travel for long periods of time in a submarine. Will traveling in a submarine for long periods of time change how I think? Or will I be the same? It is something I want to find out.

  9. Travel to Greenland: I would like to travel to Greenland so that I may see the vast glaciers there. I want to travel there before the glaciers melt and recede. I want to travel around the land to see the glaciers from afar as well as from up close. I also want to walk on the glaciers to really understand how thick these masses of ice are.

   10. Travel to the Yukon: I want to travel to the Yukon to see the wilderness present in this territory of Canada. I want to visit the places there that are inhabited by people and see what species of animal I can view in the Yukon. I want to travel there because I have seen many pictures of the Yukon and of how beautiful it is, especially at night in the Northern Yukon Territory when the northern lights are visible. This is one of the places I would definitely put on my bucket list to visit.